FS_METEO V9.0 is out!


IASO CERTIFIED - www.iaso.net

Looking for the best online weather generator which would allow you to fly in "real-weather".

FS METEO V9.0 will work with Prepar3D, ESP, FSX FS2004, FS2002, FS2000, FS98 and CFS2!

It will detect where the plane is, read the weather from the Internet and modify the weather parameters in Flight Simulator. In less than one minute you have a real weather environment !

Wind speed
Wind direction
Variable wind direction
Cloud layers
Gusty wind
Aloft upper wind

FS_Meteo is accredited to be use with the new FSUIPC (Registered or Unregistered)!
FS_Meteo use all new FSX weather features!
Dynamic Weather fonction when using FSX, ESP and Prepar3D!
Smoothing Visibility!
Weather Smoothing Enhancements !
Direct Wind Control!
Enroute Flight Advisory Service, voice and/or Text!
Wake turbulence when near an other aircraft!
TAF Weather Data!
Real time weather data!
Download archives weather data!
Weather Visual Enhancements!
High-Resolution World Wind Aloft for a worldwide coverage, even over the Pacific and the Atlantic!
Wind Smoothing Integration with completely smooth winds!
Overcast Layer Enhancements!
Select FS METEO, VATSIM or any Squawkbox surface weather data!
Provide destination weather information prior to arrival at your landing airport!
Aircraft Carrier Microclimates!
Import FS flight plan to check the weather that you will fly into!
Auto connects & disconnects option!
Online and Offline operation!
Proxy settings!
Custom Weather Lookup!
Cloud transitions!
Altimeter transitions!
Temperature Transition!
up to 12 wind layers!
up to 12 temperature layers!
Compatible with all 3rd party software like Wide FS, FSBuild, FS_Traffic, Radar Contact, Squawkbox and TCAS systems!
Also compatible with all Clouds add-on!
Compatible with FSFLIGHTMAX a free weather radar!
Very low CPU use!
Cable modem, ISDN or DSL service or standard modem phone compatible!
And much more!
RealityXP wx500 Compatible (The Best weather Radar for FS!)

Win95, Win98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 & Win XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible!


Pictures of FS METEO V9.0

Review of FS METEO V 5.1 + Weather Display Gauge V1.4
by Adam Waterfield

FS METEO V 5.1 + Weather Display Gauge V1.4
Getestet von Bert Groner

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